Celebration Circles

Farah’s Pink & Yellow Sunshine
Collaged greeting cards and acrylic paint on board
69 cm x 92 cm
Evan’s Blue & Yellow Moon
Collaged greeting cards and acrylic paint on board
60 cm x 75 cm
Cumbrian Holiday
Mixed Media on board
50 cm x 56.5 cm
Blue Sky Studio
Oil paint and collage on board
61 cm x 92 cm

Each of these ‘circles’ was created to celebrate a special event in my life.

Farah’s Sunshine and Evan’s Moon were made for my children using all the greetings cards we received to congratulate us when they were born. After cutting and pasting pieces of the cards’ imagery for each artwork, I then saved all the messages from our friends and family and they are glued to the back of the art as mementos.

The Cumbrian Holiday was the first trip I took alone with my daughter when she was a few months old. We went to visit my friend who was living at the time on her parents’ farm in Sedbergh. Each element of the circumferences represents something from the holiday: starry nights and blue skies; picnics; visiting the lakes; baking; many cups of tea; herding sheep; walking the hills; cutting my friend’s hair (I used some of the clippings on the artwork!)

Blue Sky Studio was something I made as a celebration of moving into an art studio in Tottenham in 2012. The light, space and sense of freedom felt amazing after having worked for the previous 10 years in our small Wood Green flat (having to create working spaces in our living room and bathroom surrounded by the toys, laundry and other possessions of two adults and two children!)

If you would like to commission me to make a celebration circle to commemorate a time, place, person, etc. in your life, please contact me for further information and to discuss ideas.

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